MICRO2 is a project within ERASMUS+ KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.

Digital innovation, innovative business models, changing nature of jobs and new methods of work are all reshaping the way companies operate.

Small and micro-enterprises in rural Europe are the ones facing the greatest challenges in sustaining their digital transition.

MICRO 2 Digital aims to address the pressing need to support microenterprises in rural areas to embrace digital transformation by tackling the issue of digital competences and skills of their staff.

Moreover, MICRO 2 Digital aims to enhance the responsiveness and coherence of the VET system in rural areas to meet increasing demand for digital competences by upgrading service provision and also by the latest update DigComp 2.2 released in March 2022.

Objectives of the MICRO2 project are:

  • General Objectives

    Accompanying rural MEs in digital transformation through digital learning resources

    Strengthen capacity of the VET ecosystem

  • Specific Objectives

    Enhancing the level of Digitalization of microenterprises and staff of microenterprises

    Improving the business potential / competitiveness of rural microenterprises

    Equipping the VET ecosystem with operational tools to support digital transformation

  1. Develop the “Digital Microenterprise Matrix” based on DigComp 2.2 + EntreComp

  2. Develop training for rural microenterprises on most relevant digital competences & skills based on Learning Outcome approach (Cedefop) and is also EQF compliant

  3. Develop operational tools for microenterprises to implement digital transformation in their daily operations

  4. Develop the “Digital Warehouse” with knowledge containers, digital workshops and networking spaces

  5. Deliver MICRO 2 Digital Training


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