Cervezas Alpujarra

"Cervezas Alpujarra," a small craft beer brewery located inthe province of Granada. The Alpujarra is a region locatedin the south of Spain, in Andalusia. It is located betweenthe provinces of Granada and Almería.

Due to its geographical location between the SierraNevada, Sierra de Lújar, Sierra de la Contraviesa, Sierra deGádor, the Mediterranean coast and the valleys of therivers Guadalfeo and Andarax, Alpujarra is considered arural area. Most of these products are made usingtraditional methods and natural products.

Such is thecase of cheeses, chocolates, jams, wines, hams and manyothers.

Cervezas Alpujarra produces high-quality, artisanal craftbeer using traditional methods and locally sourcedingredients. In recent years, the company has embraced digital technology to improve its operations and reachnew customers.

Cervezas Alpujarra created an e-commerce website ‘Latienda de Alpujarra’(https://latiendadelaalpujarra.com/tienda/) where clientscan buy products online (not only craft beers).
This hashelped the company expand its customer base beyond thelocal area and reach customers all over Spain and eveninternationally.

This ensures that the company can quickly identify anyquality issues and take corrective action.

Furthermore, in ‘La Tienda de la Alpujarra’ Aurelio,Celestino and Jorge offer a careful selection of the mostrepresentative products of the Alpujarra. Wine, cheese, oil,sausages, honey, jam, marmalade, beer... and of coursethe best known of all, ham.

La tienda de la Alpujarra has also leveraged social mediaplatforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promoteits products and engage with customers. By sharingphotos and videos of its products and the beer brewingprocess, the company has been able to build a loyalfollowing and generate buzz around its brand.

Overall, Cervezas Alpujarra is a great example of how arural micro enterprise can successfully leverage digitaltechnology to improve its operations, expand its reach,and build a strong brand presence in the digital space.

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